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Environmental protection and high efficiency become the development direction of plastic additives


Environmental protection and high efficiency become the development direction of plastic additives


Green environmental protection is the theme of industrial society development now days, and plastic additives are an indispensable part of the plastic industry, but it has a pollution disadvantage that can not be ignored. China is the world's largest producer and consumer of plastic additives, so the development direction in the future is mainly focused on product structure adjustment and product upgrading.

PVC plastic additives currently have the largest variety and the largest amount in plastic additives world. Compared with other resins, PVC resins require and are easier to improve their own properties with additives, at the same time, PVC plastic is cheaper, practical, it’s the most widely used plastic in all categories of plastics, so the current plastic additives mainly focused PVC plastic additives and the amount of plastic additives accounted for about 90% in the plastic world. From the growth rate of demand for PVC plastic products in China, it is expected that the overall growth rate of plastic additives will be maintained at 8%-10%.

Cost-effective ACM impact modifier replaces low-quality CPE (chlorinated polyethylene), and MBS impact modifier achieves import substitution. From the modification effect of plastic products, ACM impact modifier is the best choice in low temperature toughness, the most cost-effective products; ACR (acrylic processing aids)has the best comprehensive performance among impact modifier, while MBS is the impact modifier that must be added to transparent products.  

1. In Domestic market ACR products accounted for only 10%, low-end CPE accounted for 60%, but in Overseas market the impact modifier product structure shows ACR accounted for 60%. In the future with the increasingly demand in high-performance PVC additives in China market, domestic consumption ratio will gradually shift to the trend of consumption ratio in developed countries; 

2. Some domestic enterprises have made breakthroughs in MBS product technology, improved product quality finally. and opened the import substitution market at all.

In recent years, with the advantages of environmental protection and safety, the pace of replacing organic halogen-based flame retardants is getting faster and faster. At present, the main problem of substituting organophosphorus for organobromine flame retardants is that the cost of flame retardants used to achieve the same flame retardancy effect is higher than that of bromine flame retardants.

The development direction of plasticizer is environmental protection, safety, green and special. Plasticizer is the largest variety of plastic processing additives production capacity and consumption, its output accounts for about 60% of the total output of plastic additives, about 2.9 million tons, the current domestic production capacity of more than 4 million tons, a relative surplus. Due to the lack of isononyl alcohol, decyl alcohol and other raw materials, the production and marketing structure of phthalic acid plasticizers in China is very different from that in Europe and the United States. Compared with foreign countries, domestic in the food, medical and other fields of plastic additives testing standards seriously lag, liquor "plasticizer" exceeded the event we still remember, in the domestic and foreign standards forced, the future plasticizer will be safe, green and professional direction, environmentally friendly products including high carbon alcohol esters, citric acid esters, epoxy, polyester, biodegradable class.

In plastic additives, both plasticizers and impact modifiers reflect the phenomenon of excess production capacity, but in fact, the main reason is that the structure of domestic products is unreasonable, the surplus of low-quality products is serious, high-end products including environmentally friendly plasticizers, flame retardants and ACM, MBS and other market demand is still not matched. Therefore, whether it is for the industry or enterprises, we believe that the future development trend of auxiliaries is that new, efficient and environmentally friendly plastic auxiliaries replace traditional high-pollution and low-quality auxiliaries; The second is similar to ACM, MBS impact modifier technology breakthrough, product quality improvement, can replace low-quality CPE and imported products; Third, the enterprise is transformed from a single production of a class of additives to a comprehensive service provider of additives, providing comprehensive services for downstream plastic production enterprises.