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High Chlorinated Polyethylene (HCPE resin)

High Chlorinated Polyethylene

High Chlorinated Polyethylene (HCPE resin)

High chlorinated polyethylene resin is made from polyethylene through highly chlorination.It’s a type of chlorinated polymer which contains chlorine at 65 - 69%. It is transparent, hard and brittle thermoplastic resins. It has high chemical stability, good salt water resistance and good ultraviolet resistance. It is easily soluble in polar organic solvents such as toluene, xylene and esters, forming a colorless to pale yellow, transparent solution, can it does not contain double bonds in the molecular structure, chlorine atoms are randomly distributed. When this solution is applied to the surface of metal, concrete, paper etc., the solvent readily vaporizes at room temperature to leave a transparent, hard and lustrous glass-like film. This film resists the permeation of moisture and oxygen gas, and shows high resistance to various chemicals such as acids and alkalis. It protects the substrates from corrosion, and also serves as a top coating for decorative purposes.


    HCPE resin can be used as gravure printing ink, the binder of heavy-duty anticorrosion paint, waterproof paint and the component of adhesives. Particularly, due to its high corrosive resistance to Cl-, it is especially suitable for being used on vessels, docks, containers coating. The paint made of  HCPE can be used in chemical equipment, oil field pipelines, offshore facilities, ship coatings, metallurgy and mine, salt industry, fishing ground, wastes treatment, transportation facilities, container and electrical equipment. 

    HCPE has good film forming property, weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat aging resistance, flame retardant, chemical corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for anti-corrosive coatings, fireproof coatings, adhesives and other fields.

    HCPE-101L (Low viscosity) and HCPE-201M(Medium viscosity) are mainly used for anti-corrosive coatings, such as container coating, buried pipeline coating, steel structure anti-corrosive coating and fire retardant coating, road marking paint, etc.

    HCPE-301H (High viscosity) is used for the production of PVC/CPVC adhesive. Such as for hard pipe, pipe fitting, socket, ABS, organic glass and other thermoplastics.

    Product parameters






    Chlorine content





    TU-4 viscosity , 25°C

    20% in xylene, mPa.s




    TU-4 viscosity , 25°C

    8% in dichloroethane, s






    Paint for road marking, packing printing ink, marine paint

    Anticorrosive coating, rubber adhesive

    adhesive for PVC pipe, pipe fittings, plates, sheets etc.



    Stable performance and specifications of product;  Low viscosity;  Good flow ability; High transparency.

    Stable performance and specifications of product; Medium viscosity; Good flow ability; High transparency.

    Stable performance and specifications of product; Medium viscosity; High transparency; Strong adhesion.

    Product advantage

    • ◆ Excellent polarity, high adhesive strength, can be used in structural adhesive application;
      ◆ Good solubility in Benzene, dichloroethane, tetrahydrofuran and other organic solvents;
      ◆ Insoluble in ethanol aliphatic hydrocarbons.
      ◆ Good compatibility with most inorganic pigments and organic pigments;
    • ◆ Weather resistance;
      ◆ Ozone resistance;
      ◆ Flame retardance;
      ◆ Oil resistance;
      ◆ Chemical resistance.

    Product application

    ◆Bonding of various PVC or CPVC pipes, fittings, plates, and other materials;
    ◆Bonding of metal materials;
    ◆Adhesive for the fiber industry;
    ◆Replace perchloroethylene adhesive.
    ◆Flame retardant and wear-resistant heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating
    • Adhesive for PVC pipe fittings10xr
      Adhesive for PVC pipe fittings
    • Adhesive for PVC pipe9mh
      Adhesive for PVC pipe
    • Anticorrosive coating surfacec6d
      Anticorrosive coating surface
    • Marine paint5ir
      Marine paint
    • Paint for road marking(1)tkt
      Paint for road marking
    • Paint for road markinglop
      Paint for road marking