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Chloroprene Rubber(CR)

Chloroprene Rubber(CR)

Chloroprene Rubber(CR)Chloroprene Rubber(CR)

Chloroprene Rubber(CR)


Chloroprene Rubber is a synthetic rubber produced by α-polymerization of chloroprene (i.e. 2-chloro-1,3-butadiene) as the main raw material. It is widely used in anti-weathering products, viscose soles, and coatings. and rocket fuel.


Appearing as milky white, beige or light brown flakes or blocks, Neoprene is an elastomer & important variety of synthetic rubber.It has good physical and mechanical properties, oil resistance, heat resistance, flame resistance, sunlight resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and chemical reagent resistance. The disadvantage is poor cold resistance and storage stability.

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