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Acrylic Impact Modifier

Acrylic Impact Modifier

Acrylic Impact Modifier(AIM) for PVCAcrylic Impact Modifier(AIM) for PVC

Acrylic Impact Modifier(AIM) for PVC


Acrylic Impact Modifier (AIM) series are acrylic copolymers with core-shell structure in which core being moderate cross linked structure is linked with shell by grafting copolymerization.

FINE AIM can not only endow PVC products with higher impact strength performance , but also increases the surface gloss significantly, give an excellent weather resistance, at the same time improve fusion and process-ability of PVC material and aging resistance properties of the finished product.

FINE AIM is especially suitable for outdoor products and widely used in the PVC rigid products , some of the engineering plastics and PVC transparent products, like PVC profiles, sheets, boards, pipes, pipe fittings, etc.

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