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ACM Impact Modifier

ACM Impact Modifier

ACM Impact Modifier (ACM) for PVCACM Impact Modifier (ACM) for PVC

ACM Impact Modifier (ACM) for PVC


ACM is a new type of impact modifier for PVC industry.It’s an interpenetrating network copolymer (IPN ) by grafting slightly chlorinated HDPE with acrylate. With the super high elongation at break FINE ACM impact modifier can effectively improve the ductility of PVC products, endow it with excellent low-temperature toughness and perfect process-ability in production, which can help to reduce processing aid dosage in formula.

The main function of ACM is to enhance the impact strength and toughness of PVC finished products under low temperature which endow it the better impact performance than other general type impact modifiers, like CPE and MBS. FINE ACM impact modifier is suitable for PVC rigid products especially for application of low-temperature toughness, like PVC pipes, fittings and injection molding PVC products.

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