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What is chlorinated rubber paint?


What is chlorinated rubber paint?


There are about six kinds of anti-corrosion coatings commonly used in industrial construction. Common epoxy paint, chlorinated rubber paint, polyurethane paint, acrylic paint, fluorocarbon paint and water-based anticorrosive paint. The cost-effective chlorinated rubber anticorrosive paint is also very strong in anticorrosive performance and can also be used in underwater anticorrosion.

Usually used in underwater chlorinated rubber paint to contain aluminum powder and chlorinated rubber iron red paint and asphalt paint mainly, these anti-rust paint with top paint is generally used in the bottom of the ship material, of course, can also be used in the water line and deck, then chlorinated rubber paint what are the advantages and disadvantages?

1.Advantages of chlorinated rubber paint

Chlorinated rubber paint can be constructed in -20~50environment, chlorinated rubber paint does not require high construction temperature, basically do not need to add curing agent can be directly opened and stirred. The chlorinated rubber paint dries quickly and can be cured in 4 to 6 hours at normal temperatures to enter the next coating construction. Chlorinated rubber coatings can be used on steel metal surfaces, because they can be used underwater, so the adhesion is high. Because chlorinated rubber itself is a chemically inert film-forming substance, it has good resistance to moisture, salts, acids, alkalis, oxidants and various corrosive gases. It is not necessary to remove the strong old paint film during repair, because the old and new paint films may be miscible due to the permeability of the solvent.

2.Shortcomings of chlorinated rubber paint

Chlorinated rubber anticorrosive paint is not resistant to most solvents, and some strong solvents may cause damage to the paint film, especially those containing alkyd in chlorinated rubber paint are more prone to damage. Since chlorinated rubber paint is essentially a thermoplastic paint, the paint film will decompose in a certain environment, so in some dry places and too wet places, its use temperature can not be higher than 60 ° C, and the gloss of chlorinated rubber paint is not high, so this leads to the need to modify the resin. Chlorinated rubber in the outdoor exposure for a long time, the paint film yellowing is more serious, which leads to chlorinated rubber paint decorative is not high and can not be used for a long time.

3. Scope of application of chlorinated rubber paint

Chlorinated rubber paint is suitable for anticorrosion of steel structures, oil tanks, gas tanks, pipelines, chemical equipment and plant steel structures. Of course, the concrete surface of some pool walls can also be used, but some often contact with benzene environment can not use chlorinated rubber paint.