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Chlorinated rubber(CR)

Chlorinated rubber(CR)

Chlorinated Rubber (CR)Chlorinated Rubber (CR)

Chlorinated Rubber (CR)


Chlorinated Rubber (CR) is a high hardness, powdered thermoplastic resin. And it is a derived product modified from the natural rubber through chlorination. It has excellent properties of weather resistance, adhesion, chemical stability, salt water resistance, UV protection, etc.


Chlorinated Rubber can be stably dissolved in toluene, xylene and other organic solvents, and acrylic acid, alkyd and many other resins, forming colorless or yellow transparent liquid. When this solution is applied to metal, concrete, paper and other surfaces, the solvent evaporates at room temperature, leaving behind a transparent, hard, shiny, glassy film. This film prevents the penetration of water vapor and oxygen, meanwhile is highly stable to various chemicals, such as acids and bases. It protects the substrate against corrosion and can be used as a topcoat for decoration. In addition, this product has excellent fire-resistance due to its high chlorine content.

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