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Acrylic Processing Aids

Acrylic Processing Aids

Acrylic processing aids (ACR) for PVCAcrylic processing aids (ACR) for PVC

Acrylic processing aids (ACR) for PVC


Acrylic Processing Aids are acrylic based co-polymer with moderate molecular weight. It can be used separately or with other processing aid to promote the fusion of PVC compounds and improve the process-ability in kinds of rigid PVC production perfectly.

It can be applied to PVC extrusion products and injection molding PVC products, building and construction materials such as window profiles, siding, fence, pipe, fitting, sheets, films and other injection molding parts. Furthermore, they can also be used in transparent PVC products & foam application.

FINE Acrylic Processing Aids are divided into 5 groups according to its different products applications & intrinsic viscosity:General processing aids , Lubricant Processing Aid,Transparent Processing Aid ,PVC Foam Regulator &High Melt Strength Processing Aid.

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